The two L’s

To the many few who will read this, note to oneself especially…do you know the difference between Love and Lust? I mean do you really know? How many times I have perceived one over the other cannot be counted on a centipedes toes!…maybe not that many. I’m just saying, I believe you can love someone simply through lustuous feelings towards them. Furthermore I have found myself in the opposite frame of mind, the more I am falling in “love” with the big hearted, beautiful lady I am with, the more my lust for her grows…it’s a funny old phenomenon.


A people’s person


There are generally two types of people in this world, those who give and those who take. We expect one day, to find friends who are at least givers. However, it depends entirely on your own actions whether these people take advantage of your kindness, and slowly slip, without immediate notice, into the takers category. Why does this happen? Well with me, it’s simply because I’m not really a taker, I feel it’s for the best to not relieve people of what’s rightfully theirs…ironic I know, as I am modest enough to call myself a giver! Note to oneself, “wake up and learn from your mistakes”! Ever since I was a kid I was taught to treat people how you wish to be treated yourself. This is true with regard to respect and other basic child learning skills, but i think its time to progress from that, time to level up and treat people how they deserve to be treated (in a non-aggressive but assertive way of course). Just go about it in a nice way, because at the end of the day, it’s your own conscious that needs to be free of any wrong doing.

Hearing what we want

So I’m walking into work, Hospital late shifts again. The entire hospital is in chaos due to construction works making the whole place much smaller. I fiddle to find my earphones hoping that there is a good tune next on my playlist, and it happened! Seven nation army by the glitch mob [] wow! Now I wouldn’t consider myself the heavy music type, but there was a brief moment where I could have sworn that everything had slowed down, I felt indestructible!
It made me think…”wouldn’t it be awesome if we had some vivid recollection or if deep emotions could trigger a well suited piece of music to that specific occasion!?” Not all the time, but when you are least expecting it and in times of beneficial need.
Call me crazy, but how much worse would life be without music? At least noticeably so!